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Ab Workouts For Women Over 40

Check out these ab exercises for women over 40….

Outdoor Exercises That Can Help you Tone your Body

The purpose of outdoor personal training bondi beach is to tone the body and boost the fitness level. If you are a beginner or a newbie in the exciting world of exercise then you will have to focus on building up your physique and eliminating unsightly bulges in your body.

There are many kinds of exercises practiced outdoor and they work on building cardio vascular ability, increase balance and flexibility and developing overall muscle tone. The following exercises are simple enough and are effective yet simple enough to be practiced at one.

Practice doing high knees

This simple workout step is a staple in outdoor personal training bondi beach and its advantage is that it’s equally effective for all age groups. There is no requirement for any external aids while practicing high knees. The step is inspired by the American army new recruit cadet training program and it is guaranteed to knock off lots of calories in one shot.

To do this military inspired workout keep on marching at a moderate to high intensity by lifting up your knees as far as you can. After some time you will break off in a sweat and this is when you understand that your muscles are being toned up.

People with chronic knee problems should avoid this exercise.

outdoor personal training bondi beach

The stairs run up workout

In outdoor personal training bondi beach the run up move is one of the most popular moves ever. There are graduated artificial surfaces prepared at bootcamps for this exercise but this is a move you can easily practice using your home or office stairs. Just make sure that the stairs are even, structured and without jutting edges.

Your trainer will help you settle on a speed which is achievable yet a little challenging for you. You need to run up the stairs in a straight line without increasing or decreasing your speed. This exercise will help you tone down all the muscles from the core muscle groups.

Practice squat jumps

Squat jumps are great for toning down the abdomen as a swollen abs area is one of the pet peeves of people who live a sedentary life. Outdoor personal training bondi beach make participants practice at least 3 sets of squat jumps per day so that the glutes and the abdomen are toned. All the exercises can also be found on their website.

To do this exercise, place your feet at a hands distance from each other. Try leaning back on your hips while holding the abdomen tightly. Jump quickly and at an elevated height while aiming to land back on bended knees.

Twist your body into shape

The twist will target the abdomen and the waist and will help tone these areas. The twist will consist of moving the hands in a semi circular mode and pushing the body to move sideways as far as it will go. The speed of the twists should be increased gradually and under the trained supervision of a fitness instructor. You will automatically feel your heart rate and breathing rate increase when you do this exercise.

Foods You Should Avoid When Trying to Tone your Body

If you are looking out for most flexible, personalized and versatile weight loss and outdoor group training facility, Maroubra personal training is the perfect answer to it. So if you are serious about weight loss in a more innovative and systematic way within a lesser timeline, do not waste time in choosing fitness centres and personal trainers but do visit one today.


There are some nutritional facts that you need to keep in mind. You need to know your daily intake of calories; if it is lower than your daily expenditure you will lose weight as your body will convert the existing body fat into usable energy. You should read and understand food labels as that will help you to keep a tab on the calories you are consuming. You should enjoy a variety of healthy and nutrient-rich foods but in moderation.

Trainers from Maroubra personal training say that your body should get all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients it requires so starving will not help. Never skip your breakfast as your body had gone many hours overnight without food and need to replenish its energy supplies so that it continues its natural functions as well as keep your metabolism high.

Also eat smaller and more frequent meals throughout the day as if you keep gaps of about 4-5 hours, your body will have a tendency to hold on to the fats and calories you consume thus leading to weight gain.

Drink 8 glasses of water daily as it will make you feel fuller sooner which will also help you to eat less during meals. Reduce having late carbohydrates as eating too many carbs before bedtime store the energy as fat in your body.

The last meal of the day should be consumed at least 2 hours before going to bed and should consist of a high quantity of protein and less quantity of carbohydrates and fats as the body does not require much energy while it sleeps. Thus eating calories found in foods containing carbohydrates and fats before going to bed can add up to body fat if it’s unused.

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Foods to avoid for fast fat loss

When you are trying to tone your body at boot camp Maroubra beach, remember it is a lifestyle change so do not think it as a diet. Cut out on your saturated fats like pies, pastries, fried foods, fatty meat like pork and lamp as they clog your arteries and contain empty calories.

Dairy products like cream and cheese contain high amounts of saturated fats, and hence should be eaten in moderation. Do not have white breads and large portion of cheese or fried foods. Also avoid candy, baked foods or ice creams, ideally avoid sugar. Do not have soda or any flavoured drinks.

Thus, if you follow these simple rules and stick to it, you will see amazing results while toning up your body at Maroubra personal training as exercising along with proper intake of balanced food is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

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